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Time Has Exposed Hard Facts About Health Care Law


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-Ruston) issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administration's decision to delay the employer health care mandate until 2015:

"Unfortunately, time has exposed the hard facts about the Affordable Care Act, and the results aren't good. The administration's decision to delay the employer health care mandate proves that even after three years of preparation this law remains unworkable. Individual's premiums have risen, the excessive costs of health care have thwarted job growth, and its purpose of universal insurance coverage will never be achieved. It is unfair that the American people are paying the price for this disastrous and overreaching policy, and it's no wonder a majority of Americans still disapprove of the law.

"I opposed this broad intrusion of the government into our private health care system when it was first shown the light of day. Although a one-year delay will not permanently fix the job-crushing mandate, I do hope both sides of the aisle can come together during this time to replace it will with new measures that lower costs, protect jobs and keep the patient's needs at the heart."

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