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Barton: Obama Energy Plan Hits Middle Class, Hurts Economy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Joe Barton (R-Arlington/Ennis) released the following statement after President Obama unveiled his new economy crushing environmental agenda:

"The President says he is for an "all of the above' energy strategy, but today's announcement confirms he only supports a "nothing from below' approach.

"By continuing his "War on Coal,' the President is also declaring war on the middle class. The people who can't afford to pay more will be hit the hardest. The new regulations will cause electricity rates to skyrocket and will jeopardize the reliability of our electric grid.

"President Obama's plan will have a chilling effect on the entire economy. Affordable energy is fueling a manufacturing renaissance in our nation. His plan to jack up power prices will end this resurgence and kill jobs.

"This plan is not balanced. The "green' energy technologies the President is betting your future on are unproven. Solar panels and wind turbines are more expensive and less reliable than coal and natural gas and they can't provide enough electricity to support the nation by themselves.

"I support continued investment and research into renewable and cleaner energy alternatives, but we can't just turn our back on the fuel sources that power our nation. I will continue to fight for a true "all of the above' approach that will keep prices low and create good paying jobs."

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