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Teamsters Union Ratifies State Contract

Press Release

Location: Concord, NH

Teamsters Local 633, one of four unions representing state employees, has ratified the two-year contract agreement with the State of New Hampshire, which will provide the first cost-of-living pay increases in five years and help reduce the state's projected growth in healthcare costs.

Teamsters Local 633 represents over 300 state employees in the Department of Corrections, including Corrections Officers and Corrections Corporals.

"Our people cannot truly be safe and justice cannot fully be done without a strong and effective corrections system, and our corrections officers are the backbone of that system, providing a safe, secure and humane correctional system that respects the victims of crime and helps individuals safely move back into society when they have served their sentences," Governor Hassan said. "I thank Teamsters Local 633 for working with the state to reach this fair agreement that will create important healthcare savings for the state and provide an important boost for our corrections officers and their families."

David Laughton, Secretary Treasurer for Teamsters Local 633 said, "We believe that this contract represents a fair compromise in rewarding these state employees for their hard work and dedication while recognizing the difficult economic times that we all face."

In return, employees are agreeing to take a more active role in managing their health and healthcare costs. The state will switch to a site-of-service plan, where certain services employees will have the option to go to select providers or pay a deductible. In exchange for working to improve their own health through activities such as taking a health assessment test, getting a physical, getting a flu shot or having their blood pressure checked, employees earn up to $500 a year through a health reimbursement account and a wellness reimbursement program. This money can be used for healthcare expenses such as deductibles or eye glasses. Employees also agreed to contribute toward their dental plan for the first time.

The changes will help reduce the state's future liability for the federal "Cadillac tax" on health plans, scheduled to go into effect in 2018.

Employees also agreed to changes in sick-leave policies in return for a short-term disability policy

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