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Removing Barriers to Energy Independence

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., along with other House Members, introduced legislation to repeal a job-killing energy policy that increases US. dependence on foreign oil. The bipartisan measure repeals a provision of the Energy Independence and Security Act that prohibits the U.S. government, including our military, from purchasing certain types of fuel.

Rep. Phil Gingrey: "This bill is critical to job creation and national security. This is a commonsense provision to lessen our reliance on unstable and unfriendly regimes while putting Americans back to work. It's time to put an end to partisan games that hinder American energy independence and delay true "shovel-ready' projects."

Rep. Mike Conaway: "The Department of Defense's singular obligation is to protect this nation, and DoD leaders have made it clear that foreign sources of oil and price volatility present obstacles to fulfilling that obligation. Lifting the restrictions contained in Section 526 will free the military to use any technology it believes can help to confront that danger. The choice is clear: Either the military can meet its strategic fuel supply concerns or operational planning can take a back seat to environmental posturing."

Rep. Gene Green: "While I support the Department of Defense's efforts to transition to alternative sources of energy, I do want to ensure that it is done in a practical manner and does not leave DoD even more vulnerable to supply issues. Section 526 does not recognize that fuels derived from oil sands are identical to those produced from all other crude oils, whether imported or domestically produced. In fact, DoD has testified in the House Energy and Commerce Committee that it is impossible to track finished products, leaving Section 526 difficult to enforce and comply with."

Rep. Jeb Hensarling: "Section 526 needlessly restricts the ability of the federal government to procure a stable supply of energy from reliable allies, like Canada, and stymies the development of alternative fuel sources, like coal-to-liquids. I first introduced this legislation in 2008 because I believe that Section 526 will leave our nation less secure and more dependent on energy from volatile sources like the Middle East and Venezuela."

Rep. Cynthia Lummis: "The military has no time to cater to unreasonable requests of environmental groups when our national security is on the line. It should be common sense that the military's fuel needs should be met, preferably with abundant all-American energy products. I'm glad to see members on both sides of the aisle can agree on that."

Rep. Ralph Hall: "Our nation should invest in new energy research and technologies aimed at taking full advantage of our domestic energy resources, especially our abundant coal supplies. Repealing Section 526 and allowing our nation's armed forces to procure synthetic fuels like coal-to-liquids would not only reduce our military's dangerous dependence on foreign oil, but it also would jump start a domestic coal-to-liquids industry, creating well-paying American jobs here at home."

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