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Statement on the Supreme Court's Ruling on DOMA, Prop 8


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01) released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional:

"I want to congratulate everyone who has been involved in working toward marriage equality in Hawaii and across the United States.

"Today, we have established that our nation will not deny marriage rights and benefits based solely on whom one chooses to marry. DOMA has fallen, and with it, the federal government's mistaken notion that some marriages are better than others; that two men or two women cannot love each other as deeply and as meaningfully as an opposite-sex couple. No couple needs a court to tell them that their feelings have always been real and their commitment has always been true, but today we stand as a nation and say that we are with you. At the federal level, equality is no longer a dream.

The Supreme Court also ruled 5-4 that Proposition 8 proponents do not have standing, returning marriage equality to California.

"In the case of Proposition 8, we have now reiterated that a loud majority cannot deny the legitimate rights of a committed minority. It took courage for California activists to stand up, but the simple commitment to protecting the rights of couples who want nothing more than to publicly proclaim their connection to one another was enough to stand up to the anger and prejudice that tried so hard to keep them down.

"It has been a historic day, but we still have work to do. It is time for Hawaii to join that growing chorus of voices across our nation in proclaiming that we will not tolerate discrimination in marriage. I am proud to have helped pass Hawaii's civil unions law for the first time, which offered couples equal rights under state law. That was the best we could do at the time, but now that the federal government will recognize same-sex marriages, our state should amend its laws, end discrimination in marriage, and make marriage equality in Hawaii a reality. They can count on my support."

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