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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript - Womens Health


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SCHULTZ: Nina Turner, is this what aware going to see under Republican governors across America, them trying to outdo one another on this issue?

NINA TURNER (D-OH), STATE SENATOR: Yes, Ed. They are trying to outright one another. That`s what we get with the ridiculous redistricting that has happened throughout this country.

What Governor Perry said about State Senator Davis is unacceptable. She is a woman part of the fabric of the American dream -- and in my estimation, a cycle breaker just as I am. And how dare he try to judge her life experience with Senator Davis` standing up for and what women who are pro-choice and men who are pro-choice. We are just standing up for folks`right to have an opportunity to make a choice.

And so Republicans can get all the women together that they would like. But it is all a charade and nothing more than an illusion. They don`t really care about women.


SCHULTZ: And topic number two: the new effort to recruit women for the GOP in 2014. There is now a new group call Women on the Right Unite. Just a note: both of the women`s Web site and the women`s section of the are outdated. One still mentions the upcoming 2012 election. If they can`t even bother to update the Web site aimed at women, that really doesn`t say too much.

This effort to recruit women, how can they do it, Nina Turner? For instance, in your state, which is always a battleground state? What are women thinking? How could they even associate themselves with the conservative movement?

TURNER: It`s an illusion. And it`s not -- you know, we know how to think for ourselves and I think the women understand who stand in for them. Any time that you would put into a budget bill, under no circumstances would a woman who was seeking to make a choice of abortion be able to have a medical emergency. You want to put her life on the line.

Anytime you cannot stand up for women to have access to high quality medical care and also, not stand up for their rights to have equal pay for equal work, something is wrong with that, Ed. We need to elect folks to office who care for everybody. We`re talking about mothers, daughters and sisters. And women are not second class citizens.

So, I don`t think any woman in Ohio or this nation will buy the illusion that the Republican Party is selling.


SCHULTZ: All right. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, John Nichols of "The Nation" magazine and Washington correspondent there and also, Jim Moore, political analyst from Texas -- great to have all of you with us. Thanks so much.


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