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Rooney Cosponsors Bill to Protect Workers from Lost Jobs, Wages under Obamacare

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-17) today cosponsored legislation to protect workers from losing jobs, hours and wages due to an onerous provision in Obamacare that redefines full-time employment as 30 hours -- rather than 40 hours -- per week, forcing businesses to reduce hourly employees to 29 hours or less and scale back hiring to comply.

"We're already seeing small businesses, local governments and schools in Florida and across the country having to cut employee hours and wages just to comply with Obamacare, and this problem will only worsen unless Congress takes action," Rooney said. "Hardworking Americans and their families are going lose the wages they desperately need to make ends meet in the weak Obama economy. It's time to restore some common sense."

The Save American Workers Act, introduced today by Rep. Todd Young (IN-9) with Rooney as an original cosponsor) repeals the 30-hour definition of full-time employment in Obamacare and restores the traditional 40-hour definition.

The Obamacare Effect on Jobs:

* 72 percent of small businesses cite Obamacare as a major obstacle to job creation.
* USA Today and the Wall Street Journal have reported that many businesses plan to bring on more part-time workers next year, cut hours for full-time employees, or curtail hiring because of Obamacare.
* According to a study by the Hudson Institute, in the franchise industry alone, Obamacare's employer mandate puts up to 3.2 million jobs at risk.
* Regal Cinemas, the largest theatre circuit in the United States, announced they would be cutting the hours of thousands of employees as a result of Obamacare.
* The Wall Street Journal reported, "Several restaurants, hotels and retailers have started or are preparing to limit schedules of hourly workers to below 30 hours a week…. CKE Restaurants Inc., parent of the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's burger chains, began two months ago to hire part-time workers to replace full-time employees who left…. Home retailer Anna's Linens Inc., is considering cutting hours for some full-time employees to avoid the insurance mandate if the health-care law isn't repealed...."
* The New York Times reports: "There is another reason to believe that part-time employment will stay higher for longer, namely the incentives to employ part-time workers created by Obama's health care reforms."

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