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Murphy Calls on House to Take Up Senate-Passed Bipartisan Immigration Reform


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Patrick E. Murphy (FL-18) made the following statement urging House Leadership to bring up the bipartisan immigration reform bill that was passed by the U.S. Senate today:

"It was great to see the Senate pass comprehensive immigration reform today with broad bipartisan support. While not perfect, this bill is an important compromise to address what is currently an outdated and broken system. We know that immigration reform has many economic benefits, spurring innovation to create new American jobs as well as greatly reducing the federal deficit. I remain a strong supporter of the DREAM Act and understand that legal immigration has contributed to the diversity of this country and is part of what makes our nation great. I also was pleased to see that the Senate's immigration reform plan included a reasonable pathway to citizenship, requiring those who are in our country illegally to pay a fine and go to the back of the line,but eventually providing a path out of the shadows for the millions who have lived and worked in our great country. On the heels of the bill's passage by the Senate, the House must swiftly take up this important comprehensive immigration reform bill that will not only strengthen our economy, but our nation as a whole."

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