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Congressman Cantor Talks Immigration, Jobs & Making Life Work On Yahoo News


Location: Unknown

House Will Be Deliberate In Trying To Fix Our Broken Immigration System:

"I can't tell you what's in that big Senate bill, and the well over 1,000 or 1,500 pages that it may be. I don't know if you could ask a lot of the senators what's in that bill. That's my concern. Anytime we are passing really large bills we really ought to take time to understand what's in them. And a lot of times with large bills what happens are the results of the law of unintended consequences. In the House, we are going to be very deliberative about the approach trying to address a very broken immigration system and see what we can do to try and fix it."

President's Remarks Regarding Snowden Were Not Serious:

"I think the President's remark was kind of flippant. I don't think he gives justice to this grave matter that the country's facing. This is a serious issue. Already our authorities have said he has broken the law. There is potential grave national security issues at hand. I am shocked that the President has not picked up the phone and weighed in with the President's of China and Russia to protect American national security. This is not some ordinary matter of law enforcement. This is our country's national security. I'm hopeful we can see the reversal of that kind of attitude at the White House so we can guarantee that everyone in Washington, not just those of us here on Capitol Hill, are trying to do all we can to make sure we are safe and that this individual is apprehended and held to account here in America."

Making Life Work For More Families:

"We as conservatives are not going to give up the desire to try and get our fiscal house in order. We look at it as a moral issue, one of legacy to our kids and theirs, and not off laying our unpaid bills on them. We will not give up on that fight. The working people of this country are having a difficult time right now and don't have the luxury to think about some of these macro fiscal issues that confront this nation because they are too worried about making it through the month. A lot of the folks I talk to who are working day in and day out to try and raise their children, pay their bills and plan for the future. What they're saying is they have lost faith in the middle class aspiration of upward mobility. They want to get ahead, but they don't think they have that fair shot. One of the bills we passed was the SKILLS Act. This was a bill that tried to get the government out of the way of making too complicated our workforce training programs in this country. We have hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs out there simply because people don't have the skills they need to fill those jobs."

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