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Congressman Cantor: House Has Acted On Energy, Student Loans, And IRS

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Increasingly, the American people are losing trust in their government and faith in our economy. These are the problems that House Republicans are trying to address. But the President, of late, has been largely silent on issues of great consequence. He has been largely silent on Syria, on the question of the NSA, on the question of how we're going to get people back to work and create more jobs.

"But yesterday, the President took time out to announce that he will unilaterally introduce new rules and regulations that will impose higher energy costs on our small businesses and our working families, depressing economic growth, and just making it more difficult for the people in this country. House Republicans reject this path. We passed bills and will do so again -- two offshore energy bills this week -- to advance our all-of-the-above energy approach and to increase jobs and lower costs for working families. That is what it's about, that is a priority for House Republicans.

"If you look at the student loan issue, similarly, House Republicans have acted. We don't want student loan rates to increase. But yet, the Senate and the President have refused to come together and join us to make sure student loan rates don't go up on the students of this country. They should accept our plan. The President has a plan that is very close to ours. We should get this done for the students of this country.

"Finally in the House, we're going to continue to work on a very deliberative approach of oversight and investigation into what's going on at the IRS. No Administration should be allowed to use the neutral instrument like a tax enforcement agency to go after their political opponents. We're going to get to the bottom of this so we can tell the American people exactly what happened to work to restore their confidence in this government. We have to do that -- we have to restore their trust in Washington, in this government. And we have to restore their faith in our economy."

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