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Obama's War on Coal

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McKINLEY. Mr. Speaker, earlier this week, President Obama continued his relentless war on coal. He indicated he would circumvent Congress and use unelected bureaucrats to fulfill his anticoal agenda. He implied he had a moral obligation to do so because Congress is not acting. But Congress has, indeed, acted and simply doesn't agree with the President's ambitions. Congress realized that his agenda will destroy jobs and increase the cost of electricity. Electric bills will go up for everyone who uses power. Everyone will pay more.

The President is basing his call for action on flawed theories about what may happen in the future, but his actions will have an immediate negative impact today.

During his remarks, the President insulted his critics with sophomoric name calling and dismissed the opinions of over 32,000 scientists and physicists who contend that the issue of global warming has not been settled. In the coming months, we will highlight the devastating impact these anticoal policies will have on America's future, its families, and the economy in general. We will point out the flaws in his climate projections.

The President may believe that a war on coal is exactly what's needed, but the thousands who will lose their jobs and the millions who will pay more for electricity beg to differ.

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