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Governor Corbett Reacts to White House's "Climate Change Plan'


Location: Harrisburg, PA

Governor Tom Corbett issued the following statement in response to
President Obama's climate change announcement:

"In Pennsylvania, we have a true all-of-the-above energy portfolio, with innovations in grid technology, nuclear power, clean-burning natural gas, coal, wind, solar and hydropower all working to fuel our economy and protect the environment.

"These market-based approaches are working, with the United States leading the world in reducing carbon emissions. In fact, greenhouse gas emissions are back to 1994 levels, an incredible accomplishment brought about by a free market.

"With our greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest they've been in nearly two
decades, we know that much of the increase in global carbon emissions are
attributable to growth in other countries such as China. This means that global
warming requires a global response if there is to be any meaningful action that
does not put our nation at an even greater competitive disadvantage.

"Here in Pennsylvania, nearly 63,000 men and women, including 8,100 miners,
work in jobs supported by the coal industry. This proposal is not only a war on coal, as suggested by a White House climate adviser, but also a war on jobs."

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