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CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript - Immigration Reform


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SCHIEFFER: With Senator Bob Corker, who joins us from Chattanooga. We asked him to be here this morning to talk about immigration, but he is also the ranking Republican on foreign relations. So, I want to start with this Snowden story, senator. Were you surprised to hear Senator Feinstein say we may not know what secrets that Edward Snowden is carrying around with him?

SEN. BOB CORKER, (R) TENNESSEE: Well, I don't know how we would know, since we haven't had the opportunity to talk to him directly, but there's no question that he's jeopardized the safety of Americans. And I hope he'll come back and I view as a criminal. If he views himself as not one, I hope he'll come back and make his case. But certainly he's not exuding the characteristics of any kind of hero, if you will, to anybody in our nation, I hope.

SCHIEFFER: Yeah well, I suppose hope springs eternal. But what if he does end up in Venezuela? What do we do about that?

CORKER: Well, I guess we'll go through the normal procedures that we go through to try to extradite someone. Our relations there, obviously, are not good, although better with this most recent election. But I don't know what we'll do. I'm sure we'll do everything we can to get him back into this country to testify in court and to be challenged for I think breaking national laws that have jeopardized our citizens. And this -- regardless of what you feel about our NSA laws -- and certainly we should debate those and we should have tremendous oversight to make sure the civil liberties we all care about stay in place. But I don't know how anybody can view this person as anything other than a criminal. Again, if he feels differently, I hope he'll back in our nation at some point to argue otherwise.

SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you about the other big story going on this week, and that is you were one of the Republicans on the bipartisan group of eight that got through this amendment to add an enormous number of security agents, bring it up to, what, 40,000 agents along the border. And you think this is going to help get this bill passed, the immigration bill. Do you really think now you can pass this bill and get a substantial majority in the senate?

CORKER: I do, Bob. And I think what this amendment that we worked on together, and it's been vetted by many, it certainly should put to rest any issue regarding border security, a doubling -- 20,000 new border patrol agents, finishing the 700-mile fence, spending over $4 billion on technology that the chief of the border patrol has asked for, making sure that e-verify systems are in place, and entering/exit visa program. All those have to be in place, Bob, prior to green card. But here's what I would say, to those people who tout themselves as fiscal conservatives -- and I'll put my credentials up against anybody -- to be able to pass a bill that spends $46 billion on border security know know that over a -- over a 10-year period -- but know that you're going to have a return of $197 billion without raising anybody's taxes, that will reduce our deficit ought to also entice people to this bill. And what it does to those who want to come out of the shadows, know that they have a path forward to be a productive part of our country, it answers that, also. So, I think if this amendment passes on Monday night, certainly it improved in the House. There are some interior security issues I would like to see enhanced. But I think this is a very, very good immigration bill, and I"m glad to support it if we can pass this amendment on Monday night.

SCHIEFFER: All right, we have to end there, senator. We, obviously, had a little extra news that cropped up overnight but thank you so much for being here.

CORKER: I understand.


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