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Homeland Security And Immigration

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Homeland Security And Immigration

An important part of the mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preventing dangerous people from getting into the United States. While we must keep out bad people. We must do this without profiling people by ethnicity, race or religion. Furthermore, while we must continue to make our borders more secure, we have to ensure that we resist the temptation to build a fence around ourselves. My mission as the top Democrat on the Committee is to make sure that the DHS is getting it right so that the American people are safer.

I have some real concerns about our broken immigration system. Today, there are millions of illegal immigrants living in our country in the shadows of society. At the same time, families wait for years for relatives to join legal residents and U. S. Citizens from overseas and businesses are not able to get necessary workers. Our current immigration laws are not working to prevent illegal immigration, but seem to be hurting families and businesses.

So what do we do? We need Congress to pass A-Z immigration reform that changes our existing broken system. Now is the time to get it right. We need an immigration system that demonstrates a respect for our nation's borders, deals with the reality of those illegal living in the U. S., respects human rights and safeguards our labor laws. Just about every one of us has some link to an immigrant past- and immigration tied to the national interest is good for America and will make America stronger. For more information, please contact Zahra Buck in my Washington, DC office at 202-225-5876.

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