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Griffith Responds to the President's War on Energy Producers


Location: Unknown

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) released the following statement today in response to President Obama's announcement that he has charged the Environmental Protection Agency with issuing new regulations on both current and new electric power plants. These regulations, if the technology to comply even exists, will be both burdensome and costly.

"Today's announcement is only the latest effort in this Administration's war on coal, which is -- by extension -- a war on Southwest Virginia and all coal-producing regions, our economy, our jobs, and our people. President Obama and his Administration have long been waging this war, but today, his comments and the comments of adviser Daniel P. Schrag saying "…a war on coal is exactly what's needed' make it clear that the President wants to destroy the coal industry, the use of coal, and a huge segment of our economy.

"It's not just the coal industry that suffers as a consequence. These regulations hurt average Americans, because they cause our electric prices to rise. Not only do the regulations hurt the American people, but when you raise electric prices, you hurt businesses and their ability to create jobs. Regulations like those being devised by the President hit our electric energy producers, and the electric companies pass the cost on to consumers. When they pass these costs on to us, it increases expenses for businesses and households throughout the country.

"There is a better way. We can continue to test new technologies which will allow us to use our abundant coal resources while protecting the environment.

"I believe in American ingenuity and in a truly all-of-the-above energy policy in which we drill, dig, discover, and deregulate, using the resources we have to secure our energy future, keep costs low, and provide jobs to the American people. The regulations being devised by the President do not make energy more reliable or more affordable, and they do not encourage the economic growth that our country so badly needs. I along with many of my colleagues in the House will continue our work to get Washington out of the way, tap into our domestic energy resources, and unleash our energy potential."

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