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Voting Rights Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, it took the Supreme Court to remind us that when our young people put their bodies in harm's way, or even offer their lives for this great country, that notwithstanding their background, they don't do it for their color, for their race, for their family and community alone; they do it for these great United States. People who have never met each other but do feel that under our Constitution we are all brought together to respect each other's rights, and we have an outline for that belief that is called our Constitution.

It seems to me that yesterday the Supreme Court said that we are making progress in making certain that all Americans have the right to vote and that Negroes, as they were called in 1965, have made great progress. But that was not what Lyndon Johnson said when he was advocating the 1965 Civil Rights Act. He said that no impediment should be put in the way of any person being denied the right to vote because of their race or color. I hope the Supreme Court will review this ruling.

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