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Governor Christie: This Will Open The Door To Success For Both Women And Minorities


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: It's my hope that this scholarship program will provide women and minorities with the first steps needed to become essential and well skilled members of the construction community. During these challenging times, the money available from these scholarships can go a long way toward helping folks get a top notch education and open the door to a successful and a productive career. We want to give as many people a hand up as we possibly can. And we know that by providing them with this type of opportunity, we leave it to them then to reach their full potential. That's the opportunity I want to give kids whether they're kindergarten to 12th grade, young adults who are pursuing community college or a four-year college or university, or adults who are coming back for new training to get themselves ready for the new economic opportunities that are going to be presented in this state and across our country. All of them are going to have the opportunity, the women and minority members of that group, are going to have the opportunity to be able to take advantage of this program. I hope that many of them do and I look forward to the success that this program I hope will engender among those folks.

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