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Pearce Opposes President's Middle Class Energy Tax


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement in response to President Obama's announcement of his unilateral efforts to circumvent Congress and play politics with the price of electricity:

"As Americans face continued unemployment, high energy prices, and one of the slowest recoveries in history, the president is using the EPA to unilaterally implement even more regulations, challenges, and roadblocks to job growth in America," said Pearce. "Congressional Democrats rejected his attempts at cap-and-trade because they were too radical, and put an undue burden on the working class. So, the President will now impose his will on those struggling to make ends meet."

"The President's advisors have publicly declared a 'war on coal'--the number one source of electricity in this country," Pearce continued. "The European Union imposed a job-destroying cap-and-trade scheme that hiked energy prices and made the continent uncompetitive. Last month, the EU effectively killed the program because of its economic impact. The President's attempts to force a similar policy on us will not create good middle class jobs."

"New Mexicans need jobs and affordable energy. We can, and must, protect the environment without the heavy-handed, job-killing approach we've seen from this administration. It's time for the President to stop playing politics with our energy bills and our jobs."

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