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Reed: Supreme Court Rulings Advance Marriage Equality


Location: Washington, DC

After the U.S. Supreme Court today issued landmark decisions removing barriers to recognition for same-sex marriages, U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the following statement:

"Today, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the importance of equality before the law. This marks an important step toward better protecting married gay couples and their families and preventing discrimination against same-sex marriages in states like Rhode Island that have passed marriage equality laws.

"While the Supreme Court's decisions advance marriage equality, more work remains. The Administration must now implement the ruling and Congress should pass clear rules to ensure the federal government properly recognizes same-sex marriages that were legally entered into. I am working with Senator Feinstein and a number of our colleagues to update and reintroduce the Respect for Marriage Act. So far, three Republicans have spoken up in support of this effort and I think today's ruling will build momentum to get us to the 60 vote supermajority needed to overcome a filibuster."

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