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Juneteenth Independence and the NSA

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. I am very pleased today to say that Members have joined me in introducing H. Res. 268, which is observing the historical significance of Juneteenth Independence Day, which is going to be this Wednesday, June 19.

I hope that all of those across America will understand the meaning of Juneteenth, which is to express a celebration for the freeing of the slaves, which did not come to the southwestern States, like Texas, until almost 2 years later. That was 1865 after 1863.

Mr. Speaker, I want to quickly change the topic and indicate that I believe it's important to get an understanding of the individual who has allegedly been providing the leaks from the NSA. I have been restrained as to call him anything until the laws determine who he is, but I do believe that we are now tipping the scales of fairness when more and more is coming out in a foreign country, and I do believe something has to be done.

I will be introducing legislation on the reduction of private-intel utilization, an explanation of FISA Court opinions and strengthening the FISA Court because I believe that it is extremely important in strengthening the public trust and in strengthening the rights of the American people. We have to do it, and we have to be able to find this gentleman quickly so that the intelligence that will protect Americans will be done.

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