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Affordable Energy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. YODER. Well, if I might add to the gentlelady's point, the gentlelady from Alabama, this administration has continually pushed the notion that the gentlelady's describing, that regulations do create jobs. Their argument is that when they regulate our industries, when they regulate our local companies, when they regulate the local small businesses in our communities, that those businesses have to then hire people to respond to the regulations. Therefore, presto, this administration has created jobs.


Mr. YODER. So to the gentlelady's point, what this administration has done is created a country that has focused their job creation on bureaucracy and regulation and red tape, and so they're forcing debt on our kids and grandkids to pay for bureaucrats to come out into our communities to force our small businesses to hire people to respond to the bureaucrats. I mean, what a maddening system. In a country where we are supposed to be the inspiration around the world, the land of hope and opportunity, and they are taking us towards becoming the land of regulation, the land of unemployment, the land of mandates and taxes.

And all this together, it's no wonder that our unemployment rate is still almost 8 percent, or 7.6 percent. It's the longest the unemployment rate's been this high since the Great Depression for this long. And for this administration to say that this is somehow a job-creation agenda, regulating our local businesses, regulating our energy costs and driving up the cost of energy.

And ultimately, the sad point is, and the gentleman from Arkansas spoke to this a little bit ago, is that this is not just a war on a business. This is not just a war on an energy producer. This is not just a war on a coal company. This is a war on the American people.

They are the victims in this. It is not the small business owner that's the victim. It is the American people. It's the people struggling to pay their bills. It's the person on the fixed income. It's the single mom. It's the senior. It's someone whose energy costs are that big a proportion of their monthly budget that this really hurts them in the pocketbook. It's that family that's trying to make that life work. They are the folks that ultimately get hurt in the situation.

So we have to stand up for the victims in this country, that silent majority that is being hurt by these anti-energy policies. And at the end of the day, that's why I join my colleagues to support an all-of-the-above energy approach to put people back to work, to lower the cost of energy in this country, and to make us more secure by making us less dependent on foreign sources of energy.


Mr. YODER. We need it.


Mr. YODER. And to the gentlelady's point, what a great opportunity for Members in both political parties to work together to do something that can help create jobs for the American people.

You've talked about the over 1 million jobs that could be created this week if folks on both sides of the aisle will just work together for some bipartisan, commonsense legislation that creates affordable energy job opportunities and puts Americans to work.

I'm sure this legislation will pass this week, but it's an opportunity for folks to vote for something that will actually make a difference. I challenge folks in both parties to stand up and support this legislation. Now, the real hope will be whether the Senate will actually take it up.

You know, we've passed dozens upon dozens of bills that create jobs, that help put the American people back to work, yet we still have almost an 8 percent unemployment rate in this country. I'll tell you what: I am fed up with Washington getting in the way of progress. At every turn the solutions out of Washington are greater taxes, greater mandates, greater burdens on the American people.

What we're talking about here is creating prosperity and opportunity for the American people to go back to work, to put food on the table for their families, and it's done through what is such a simple thing, domestic forms of energy that are right here at our grasp. Why wouldn't we utilize this energy that's right here in our country? It seems foolish and shortsighted. And frankly, it hurts the American people when we're not supporting domestic forms of energy.

So this week is a great opportunity for folks who say they're for job creation, who say they're for an all-of-the-above energy approach to step up and lead and to join us in proposals that will put Americans back to work and help rebuild this country.


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