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Baldwin Response to State of the Union Address

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Baldwin Response to State of the Union Address
February 2, 2005

"It's clear that Iraq and Social Security will be the subjects of extensive debate in this Congress and throughout the country in the coming months. I'm disappointed that the President did not use this speech to lay out a clear exit strategy for American troops in Iraq. The ongoing violence and instability, lack of reconstruction, cost and drain on our defense readiness without a clear plan for victory or withdrawal raise serious questions about the continuing U.S. role in Iraq, and I will continue to press the Administration to clearly articulate an end to this mission.

As for Social Security, the President's got his plan, but I don't think Wisconsinites are going to buy it. Let's get one thing straight...non-partisan sources confirm there is NO crisis with Social Security. The most immediate threat to Social Security is from those who want to dismantle this incredibly successful program that's kept millions of seniors out of poverty.

The President's desire to create private accounts will seriously weaken this time-tested program, add an additional $2 trillion to the national debt, and place future retirees at risk of poverty if their investments fail to perform.
This is no time for a fabricated crisis or a rush to fix something that isn't broken. It is a time to thoughtfully and thoroughly consider how we can strengthen and protect Social Security for generations to come."

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