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Public Statements - McNerney to Brown: Let's See "Concrete Results"

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Location: Unknown

By Michael Fitzgerald

Gov. Jerry Brown is in Washington today to discuss the BDCP and peripheral tunnel.

Congressman Jerry McNerney issued this statement:

"I have long asked that the people of the Bay-Delta region have a seat at the table when it comes to any plan related to the BDCP. I was pleased to have the attention of Governor Brown's administration today and look forward to our meeting tomorrow; however, I will only be satisfied when I see concrete results.

"The Bay-Delta communities have been kept out of the process that stands to decimate California's greatest water resource, devastating the families, farmers and small business owners who rely on a healthy Delta for their livelihoods. The Governor must include the voices of all stakeholders in this process, but to date, he has pushed forward with his deeply-flawed plan regardless of escalating costs and the effect it will have on Californians up and down the state, costing billions of dollars and countless jobs.

"Every viable solution must be examined, using proper scientific assessment done and accurate cost-benefit analyses before we move forward to reach a solution that will be equitable for all of California."

Don't hold your breath. As UOP analyst Jeff Michael pointed out here, a cost-benefit analysis will expose the project's folly.

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