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Congressman Cantor Discusses Lowering Energy Costs, Creating Jobs On CNBC's "Closing Bell"


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The House Is Focused On Lowering Energy Costs, Creating Jobs: "In the House this week we have a very robust package of bills having to do with energy production here in the United States. We know that the natural gas finds as well as the new technology allowing for more oil production has really created a boone for this economy and the potential for us to increase our competitiveness in this country. We'll be working on those bills this week. At the end the day, it not only creates more opportunity for small business to grow, but it also helps working families when they deal with the higher cost of gasoline as they embark upon their summer vacations….This is what we're trying to say in the House. Unequivocally, we come down on the side of maximizing energy production here in the United States. We do it more efficiently and environmentally safer than any other country. I know the President this week is speaking on climate change and his agenda. Frankly, I've not seen anything in that agenda that will do much other than increase energy costs for businesses and working families."

Reining In Federal Over-Reach: "We need to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to go about hiring people, to create jobs. When you have things like the health care bill and the unexpected impact on the costs, bottom line of businesses, that's a problem. We're trying to address that. When you have the aftermath and regulation of Dodd-Frank hanging over the credit markets of this country, credit is the lifeline of this country, and we need to make sure we remove any impediments that may be in the way through the regulatory actions of the Obama Administration."

Tax Reform For Economic Growth And Job Creation: "Chairman Dave Camp and the Ways and Means Committee in the House, has done a great job in readying the playing field, if you will. We need a White House that's going to respond, a President who will embrace tax reform, and that is tax reform that will allow our country to poise for growth. That is what tax reform, lowering rates, simplifying the code and closing loopholes is about. Unfortunately, thus far, the President has gotten stuck in the mode that we need to increase taxes more. We're saying, look, let's grow this economy. We can do that through tax simplification, revenue neutral, so jobs are created."

A Balanced Budget For Economic Growth: "You can't keep kicking the can down the road without addressing the underlying problem of the debt and deficit. We all know that it is the unfunded liabilities connected with the entitlement programs. In the House, we have continued to say, work with us. We want to manage down the debt and deficit over a period of ten years to balance. The problem is, we have the Senate that passed a budget that doesn't even consider balancing, nor does the President's. So somewhere in all that we're going to have to come together and agree to say, let's grow this economy, let's reduce the outlays, let's be smart about the kind of reforms that we're imposing so we can get to balance within ten years."

The House Is Focused On Restoring Faith In Government: "We've seen the head of the IRS coming forward and saying those practices were still in place when he arrived at the scene. He claims to have addressed, or is beginning to address that now. What we're about in the House, through Chairman Camp of the Ways and Means Committee, as well as Chairman Issa of the Oversight Committee are going to go about uncovering the truth here. We are being very deliberative about the kind of interviews with the individuals that come forward. The kind of document reviews that are necessary to get to the bottom of this. At the end, what we're seeing is American's trust in government and, in fact, our President has now plummeted because they never in their wildest dreams could imagine that a President or a political party uses a neutral instrument like the tax enforcement agency to go after your political opponents. That's not what we do in America."

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