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Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BROWN of Florida. Mr. Chairman, to the Members of the House, let me be clear, I will not be voting for this bill. I will vote for no bill that cuts $20.5 billion from the SNAP program, but I will be voting for this amendment.

We had a hideous bill on the floor a couple of days ago. And I want to be clear. I support all children, and it does not end at birth. It is ludicrous that we're here and the goody goody two shoes are now cutting the SNAP program and an attack on children. The families of three can earn no modern $24,000 per year in income. Seventy-six percent of the SNAP households include a child, an elderly person or a disabled person. Because of the insensitivity of this Congress, there was an announcement in my paper that Meals on Wheels for seniors are being cut.

I am fighting for babies who need milk and families that cannot afford food for their children. Support this amendment and vote against this bad bill.


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