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Rep. Yoho Remarks on Defeat of Farm Bill: "Will Work to Defeat the Plague of Ignorance on this Congress..."


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Congressman Ted Yoho (FL-03), a 30-year equine and bovine veterinarian and Florida's only member of the House Committee on Agriculture, said the following after today's vote which resulted in a defeat of the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013:

"I am extremely disappointed that some of my Republican colleagues did not recognize a conservative movement toward market-based policy and solid welfare reform when they saw it. I am also disappointed that my Democratic colleagues refused to vote to protect the future of SNAP by cutting out egregious waste.

"Today is a sad day not just for the agricultural base of this country, but for every single American who expects and deserves certainty and security in their food source.

"I was honored to work hard for this bill on behalf of Floridians, and will work to defeat the plague of ignorance on this Congress and bring urgently-needed farm policy that will pass the House and Senate and become law as soon as possible."

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