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Ayotte: Additional Reductions to US Nuclear Arsenal Are Misguided and Dangerous


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released this statement following President Obama's announcement today that he intends to seek additional reductions to the U.S. nuclear arsenal:

"I believe President Obama's decision to pursue additional reductions in our nuclear arsenal is misguided and dangerous. A robust and reliable U.S. nuclear arsenal discourages nuclear proliferation and deters nuclear attacks on the United States and our allies.

"What Obama sees as compromise, Putin sees as weakness. The U.S. should negotiate with the Kremlin from a position of strength and make clear that we are not willing to ignore Putin's continued support of Assad's murderous regime.

"The Kremlin announces they will send advanced fighters and anti-aircraft missiles to Assad that could be potentially used against our troops, and the President responds with additional U.S. concessions and an invitation to a summit.

"With the Iran and North Korean threats growing, the administration should explain what has changed in the world to justify a smaller nuclear arsenal.

"Before seeking additional reductions to our nuclear arsenal, the administration should certify that the Russians are fully complying with all existing arms agreements, and the administration should honor the nuclear modernization commitments it made during the last round of nuclear reductions."

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