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King Response to Corker Amendment

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve King released the following statement in response to the Corker amendment to S. 744, The Senate's Gang of Eight Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. The 1,190 page Corker amendment was unveiled this afternoon and is expected to be voted on at 5:30pm on Monday.

"The Corker amendment is full blown amnesty," said King. "Its border security provisions will never be enforced by the Obama Administration. No Senator should vote for this amendment, and no citizen should be confused about what it does. It does not protect our border, it does not require border security before amnesty can take place, and it does not restore the Rule of Law to the abysmal Gang of Eight bill. Even if the Corker amendment is adopted, the Gang of Eight bill will remain 'the always is, always was and always will be amnesty act.'

The trigger mechanism within the amendment is not to be trusted- it includes an exception that allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to proceed with amnesty after ten years regardless of implementation of any border security measures. Further, the amendment allows the Secretary to grant 'registered provisional immigrant' status upon commencement of the border security strategy. Registered provisional immigrant status is a form of legalization that allows illegal aliens to work, affords them a social security number and a passport, and allows them to legally bring in their relatives. Even worse, the amendment adds additional amnesty provisions not in the underlying bill that allow future visa overstayers to become legal residents- amnesty in perpetuity."

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