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Conveyance of Land to Correct Erroneous Survey, Coconino National Forest, Arizona

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. KIRKPATRICK. Mr. Speaker, imagine waking up one day to learn that your property really isn't yours. In fact, that's exactly the situation that a group of residents in my district find themselves in.

They didn't cause the problem. Over 40 years ago it was created because of a land survey that simply got it wrong. For years, even decades, they've lived on their property, they've maintained it, they've invested in it, only to find that their property is within the boundaries of the United States Forest Service.

Now, this has been a real economic hardship for these folks. Today we have an opportunity to solve this for them.

I thank Congressman Gosar and his staff for the opportunity to work together on behalf of the people of Arizona. Our bill, H.R. 862, has a simple, commonsense conveyance which returns this land to its rightful owners and removes this economic hardship that has been hanging over them for so long.

We are pleased that the bill has bipartisan support, that it passed out of Natural Resources with a unanimous vote. And I urge my colleagues to join us today to support H.R. 862, because these people have been living in limbo for way too long.


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