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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Strengthening Relationships with the International Community


Location: Unknown

The global economy is changing -- we need to think long term, identify opportunities for global cooperation, and explore ways to make the best use of our strengths. This week, we took another step toward a more international future.

Joined by the President of Peru, we reached a special cooperation agreement -- the first that Peru has signed with any U.S. state -- to promote two-way trade and port commercial growth, particularly increasing collaboration in agriculture and education.

Why Peru? As the third largest country in South America, their economy is growing rapidly. As a leading exporter of organic coffee and a variety of fruits and vegetables, Peru increasingly provides Americans fresh produce during the winter. By working together with countries like Peru, we can maintain the Port of Wilmington's status as the leading North American Port for fresh produce.

Education is also critical for economic development. Through cooperation between the University of Delaware and Peru, we plan to welcome dozens of Peruvian graduate students to the First State, including into the University's world renowned engineering, science, agriculture and art conservation programs. We'll strengthen the University's reputation in Latin America, creating new opportunities for Delaware students to study there and prepare for jobs in an interconnected world.

With this week's announcement, the Peruvian President said he was looking forward to amplifying his country's trade and commercial relationship with one of the most dynamic regional economies in the United States. By ensuring leaders around the world recognize the value of partnering with our state, we'll keep Delaware moving forward.

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