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Statement from Governor Jan Brewer: Balanced, Conservative Budget Upholds Core State Priorities


Location: Phoenix, AZ

"Today, I had the pleasure of signing into law Arizona's most sweeping health care legislation in decades, as well as a State budget that is conservative, comprehensive and responsible. Best of all, this Fiscal 2014 spending plan is balanced. I commend and applaud legislators of both chambers, representing both sides of the aisle, who helped make these achievements possible.

"This State budget holds the line on spending, with just a 3.4 percent increase from a year ago. But it also recognizes the areas in which we have overdue needs, directing critical resources to child safety and education. More important long term, the Medicaid plan will employ federal assistance to reduce pressure on our General Fund, allowing us to finally stop facing the false choice between supporting health care or education.

"The road to this moment has been long and difficult, but it has been worth the ride. Today, I can proudly point to a budget that has been crafted out of bipartisanship and with the future of Arizona in mind. I thank the lawmakers who worked with me in good faith to get this done."

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