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Report on the Summit on Public/Private Partnerships

Location: Unknown

Re: "Call to Action: Building Public/Private Partnerships"

Dear Summit Participant:
Thank you for attending the "Call to Action: Building Public/Private Partnerships" Summit at which we had more than 160 philanthropic, government and business leaders in attendance. The Summit was the kick off for what will be an ongoing effort by my administration to build more public/private partnerships in our State. The need for an ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors has always been important but is even more critical given our current fiscal challenges. The partnerships I envision will help us to maximize the efficiency of our dollars, to leverage more dollars for Arizona, and to make lasting improvements for children, families and victims of crime in Arizona.

Overview of Summit Report

Attached is a report that recaps discussions that occurred during the breakout groups and individual reports from each break out session. The four breakout groups included: 1) All Day Kindergarten, 2) Drop Out Prevention, 3) Child Health and Welfare, and 4) Family Support. During these discussions, many notable examples of successful Arizona partnerships were identified, some of which include: school-based business partnerships; KidsCare; the Child Abuse Prevention license plate program; the Institute for Mental Health Research; the Arizona Partnership for Immunizations; projects through the Maricopa Association of Governments; the Homeless Human Service Campus; Family Advocacy Centers; and Art Share. It is clear that Arizona already has many outstanding public/private partnerships, but it is also clear that we can do more.

The Summit discussions also highlighted some of the important characteristics of collaborative action, including: personal passion; shared vision; shared decision making; clearly defined goals and processes; research and analysis; leadership; political will; trust; and flexibility. Some of the impediments to successful collaborations that were identified by participants include: agency culture; differing timelines for government and business; competition for funding; unclear goals; crisis as the catalyst for collaboration; and concerns about the long-term stability of government funding for collaborative projects.
Next Steps

To help facilitate further statewide dialogues and collaborative relationships there must be structures in place for an ongoing dialogue. To that end, I will be creating two new forums for coordination. First, I will be creating, by Executive Order, a Philanthropy and Public Policy Commission that will meet on a quarterly basis and will include a diverse cross section of leaders from throughout the state. The Commission will be divided into two ad hoc working groups representing 1) central and northern Arizona and 2) southern Arizona. Representatives will include government, business and foundation leaders. Second, I will be creating a state inter-agency federal grant coordination team. This team will consist primarily of state agency representatives and will assess how Arizona can bring more federal dollars to Arizona communities. This
information will be shared with the Philanthropy and Public Policy Commission.

In addition, I believe we must build stronger ties between foundation, business and government leaders by including cross-representation on both public and private boards and commissions. To this end, I will be appointing foundation and business leaders to sit on the boards and commissions within the domain of the Governor's Office, and promoting government representation on foundation and other charitable giving boards.

A Few Specific Objectives

Some of my specific objectives for public/private partnerships include:

All Day Kindergarten as Part of an Overall Strategy to Build a Quality Early Education System

One of the first areas of focus for my administration is to build upon all-day kindergarten and quality pre-school programs in the most needy school districts in Arizona. I am in the process of pulling together a task force that will work under the umbrella of the State School Readiness Board to identify funding. The State School Readiness Board is developing short-term goals to quickly move forward with this plan, as well as long-term strategies to sustain an overall system of care for young children. By the end of the summer, the plan will be completed and funding efforts will begin.

Prevention of Violence Against Women

I am calling upon my Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women to develop a statewide plan that will help to identify gaps in both services and systems responses. This Commission will actively work to develop statewide public/private partnerships in the following areas: 1) building a statewide network of Employers Against Domestic Violence, expanding on the public/private partnership model that began in Maricopa County, 2) building partnerships to raise public awareness about the prevalence of both domestic violence and sexual assault, 3) building health care partnerships, and 4) building partnerships to bring attention and services to children who are impacted by family violence.

2-1-1 Information Network

Working with the Valley of the Sun United Way and many other stakeholders, my administration is partnering to establish a 2-1-1 information network statewide. 2-1-1 is a social service and community information network that will be easily accessible to the public and improve the responsiveness, as well as the quality, of information available for social and community services. The 2-1-1 network is also an integrated component of Arizona's homeland security plan.


In these times of great challenges for our state, we must work together to maximize both our efforts and our dollars. But, these challenges also present us with some unique opportunities to work towards common goals. I have outlined some of the steps that I will be taking, but I also am asking for your input on additional steps we can take together. Please contact Lisa Glow, Director of the Governor's Office for Children, Youth and Families and a Senior Policy Advisor at 602-542-3459 or Karen Abman, Director of the Governor's Office for Children in Southern Arizona at 520-770-3818 with your feedback and ideas. I am putting my personal leadership behind these efforts and look forward to working with you. Thank you again for your time and your commitment to improving our State.
Very Truly Yours,
Janet Napolitano

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