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Congressman Cantor: House Passed Student Loan Solution, Time For Senate To Get Serious


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"As you can see, we are joined here by a number of college students -- all of whom have student loans. I just met Jack and Julie from Virginia -- my home state. I know Jack just told me he went to the University of Virginia. I also am a parent of a son who goes to the University of Virginia. One of the things on the minds of most parents and students is the cost of higher education and how they are going to deal with it.

"Unfortunately, now this prospect of student loans and interest rates going up is very real to many families and students across this country in Virginia and throughout America. The House took a step to try and resolve it -- the Smarter Solutions for Students Act -- that was brought to the floor by Chairman John Kline and his Committee. We passed the bill and then nothing from the Senate. As the Speaker said, we are not sure what kind of games are being played, but I don't think we should be playing games with the prospects for students and families who want to get ahead in life. The surest way to get ahead is through opportunity of education and what higher-ed can offer people. We have got to get serious now.

"The President's own proposal is very close to what the House passed. We should make sure that we can resolve this so that families in this country are not faced with the uncertainty of interest rates going up. Now the House, also under Chairman Kline's leadership, has said we have to get to the bottom of what it is people are paying for in college. We passed a bill by Representative Luke Messer coming out of Chairman Kline's committee that asks the Department of Education, what is the best way for us to give information to college families -- students and parents -- to assess what their investment is going toward. This is the smart way to move together so that we can all work on behalf of the families that want the best for their kids."

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