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Cuts to the SNAP Program

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. McCOLLUM. Mr. Speaker, this week, the House debates a FARRM Bill that eliminates SNAP benefits for 38,000 Minnesotans and nearly 2 million Americans.

Last week, I hosted a listening session with Congressman Ellison on how this would impact our State. We heard from faith leaders, service providers, State and county officials, SNAP recipients, young and old.

Evelyn, a senior, told us she was terrified she'd lose her SNAP eligibility under the House bill, and I quote from her: ``Without the help from SNAP, I wouldn't be able to buy the healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables I need to keep my diabetes in check. Without SNAP,'' she said, ``I don't know what I would do.''

For millions of seniors like Evelyn, SNAP is a lifeline. It ensures that they don't have to choose between medicine or buying food. And for America's children, they should be able to attend school and be able to solidly concentrate on their studies because they had something to eat.

I urge my colleagues to reject this immoral cut and to remember the words of Patricia Lull, director of St. Paul Council of Churches: ``No more hungry neighbors.''

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