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Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BEATTY. Mr. Chair, the proposed SNAP cuts in this bill will be devastating to our most vulnerable populations.

Many of the poorest Americans depend on SNAP as their only means of assistance to feed their families.

We should not turn our backs on low-income families, children, seniors and disabled.

Today, I was told a story about one of my constituents--a mother who receives a very small amount of food stamp assistance.

She said that if SNAP is cut, her kids will starve. Period.

This is the reality that so many families face, including the 2 million this bill would leave to face hunger if this amendment is not adopted.

In Franklin County, Ohio alone, there are an estimated 59,450 kids who live daily with the threat of hunger.

Without inclusion of this amendment, the current farm bill will destroy our efforts to relieve hunger within our districts and will dramatically increase the number of children, families, and older adults who are already struggling and push them to below the poverty level.

This is a commonsense amendment.

It will restore the $20.5 billion cuts in SNAP by offsetting the Farm Risk Management Election Program and the Supplemental Coverage Option.

We cannot leave our most vulnerable children and families without basic access to food.

If we do, I think we violate a core American value.

I urge my colleagues to vote to save SNAP by supporting the McGovern amendment.


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