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Bishop Responds to President Obama's Reduction to the U.S.'s Nuclear Weapons Capabilities


Location: Washington, DC

ongressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) announced his disapproval over President Barack Obama's announcement to make further reductions to the U.S.'s nuclear forces, bringing current U.S. nuclear deterrence capabilities to de-stabilizing levels. Reductions to the U.S. nuclear triad will likely include the Minuteman III land-based missiles, which are maintained at Ogden Air Logistics Center.

In a February 2012 letter from Congressman Bishop and 33 other Members of Congress to President Obama regarding previous reductions to nuclear weapons systems, General Kevin Chilton former Commander of U.S. Strategic Command is quoted saying, "I think the arsenal that we have is exactly what is needed today to provide the deterrent."

"President Obama is not Dick Cheney, and he is most certainly not President Reagan either. In fact, he's nothing like Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, or FDR who all recognized the importance of growing and improving upon national defense. Since no discussions have even started with Russia, and the President has no actual plan to implement the reductions, this appears to be more of a publicity stunt than any substantive plan for the U.S.'s future nuclear armament capabilities," said Bishop. "The President's idea to further diminish our nation's nuclear weapons systems seems to embrace and even encourage the decline of America as a superpower. Making further reductions to our defense systems could leave our country vulnerable, especially as other countries are aggressively advancing their weapons programs and nuclear capabilities. Our land, air, and sea defense systems are essential to the security of the United States and while we all wish we lived in a world free of nuclear weapons, the reality is that we don't. We need to have the ability to adequately defend our country and allies and today's decision will hurt our ability to do so. I remain concerned by the fact that the United States is far behind the curve of nuclear advancements, which is only exacerbated by the constant reductions to missile defense made by the current Administration. The U.S. weapons systems are antique compared to some of the modern technologies that have been developed by other countries, including Russia and China, in the last decade. We are not modernizing our arsenal to provide for future deterrence and today's announcement does nothing to address this. Cutting our nose off to spite our face isn't a sound national security plan."

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