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Women's Health

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. TSONGAS. Mr. Speaker, since assuming control of the House of Representatives, Republicans have brought 10 bills to the floor to limit a woman's constitutionally protected right to make choices regarding her own health. In January, we were told that the Republican majority was going to ``rebrand'' and refocus on the economy.

Yet, this week, my Republican colleagues once again ignored the pressing problems of many American families and brought a bill to the floor that would reverse decades of progress for women's health. H.R. 1797, muscled through by an all-male Republican panel, would upend Roe v. Wade and contains only the narrowest of exceptions for women who are victims of rape or incest.

I received an email Monday from a constituent that I think best sums up the problems in the bill. In this email, the constituent, who is an abuse victim and incest survivor, urged me to stop this dangerous bill from becoming law and threatening the health of women who, like her, are in the most desperate and tragic of circumstances.

While the bill passed the House yesterday, I am happy to say that it will not be acted upon in the Senate. I urge my colleagues to stop these dangerous games with women's health and confront the true problems that are facing the country.

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