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Obama Vacation

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WILLIAMS. Mr. Speaker, the military has taken $500 billion in budget cuts this year; Congress has slashed its budget by 11 percent in the last 3 years; and this year, at the President's command, several government agencies have cut vital programs and employees due to mandatory spending cuts.

Everyone across the country is being asked to do more with less--families, businesses, the military, and government agencies--but the President is sending Americans another message: you pay while he plays.

That's right. The Obama family is taking an extravagant summer vacation to Africa, costing taxpayers an estimated $100 million. That is obscene, and Americans should be outraged. This money could keep the public White House tours funded--which the President canceled due to budget constraints--for 26 years. It could pay for an additional 22,000 college degrees for soldiers enrolled in the Army's Tuition Assistance program. It could reverse the potential $90 million in cuts for Border Patrol agents and border security. In fact, it could fund the entire Houston Astros' payroll times four.

Mr. Speaker, instead of asking everyone but himself to make enormous sacrifices, it's time for the President to make his and put the people first.

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