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Lee Statement On Failure To Pass Congressional Approval Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

Following the vote on Senator Mike Lee's amendment to the immigration bill to require congressional approval of the border security plan, Sen. Lee issued this statement:

"Cutting out Congress means cutting out the American people. Congressional approval of the border security plan would have given the American people a strong voice in determining whether or not they believe the border is secure. After all, it is the American people who will have to deal with the consequences of a dangerous and unsecured border. They will have to deal with cross-border violence. They will have to deal with the heartbreaking stories of human trafficking. They will have to deal with the drugs that are imported into their communities. They will have to deal with the economic effects and the added costs of public services.

"The failure of my amendment means their voices have been silenced and the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will determine for themselves whether or not border security goals have been met. It is yet another indication that the supporters of this bill are not serious about fixing our broken immigration system or securing the border."

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