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Governor Christie: You Can't Allow Your Future To Cloud Today's Decisions


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Willie Geist: You are an ambitious, you're a driven guy. Is there no fiber of your being that thinks to yourself when you go sit down with President Clinton or you spend time with President Obama, this may come back to haunt me in South Carolina four years from now. You don't think about your future at all politically?

Governor Christie: Well first of all, everybody thinks about their future politically and anybody who tells you that they don't who is in politics is lying to you, of course you think about your future politically. But you can't allow that to be the only thing that helps you to make decisions. So sure it's a factor, I factor it in, but if that's what rules your decisions, you're not going to last in this business long because people are going to see you for the phony you are then. The fact is I make these decisions based on a totality of facts in front of me and to make the best decision I can and no I'm not worried about it. I'm not worried about it. I recognize that there will be some people who will try to use the fact that I've done my job against me. I'm willing to have that argument. That's fine.

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