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Governor Christie: Almost Everything I See Coming Out Of Congress Shocks Me


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Mike Barnicle: You're Governor of New Jersey, you go around every day, you see people every day, ordinary people, does it ever surprise you when you see some of the things coming out of the Republican party in Washington from the floor of the United States Senate or the floor of the United States House of Representatives in that it seems to be so far astray from the ordinary needs of ordinary people?

Governor Christie: Well, Mike, I would tell you that I would broaden that. Almost everything that I see that comes out of the floor of Congress from both parties shocks me. I think what you've seen in Congress is that, you know, people are in both end zones you know and nobody's playing in the middle of the field. Nobody's trying to get things done. They're yelling and screaming at each other from both end zones. I will tell you, I see stuff that comes out of the Democratic party on the floor of the Senate and out of the floor of the House of Representatives that shocks me as much as stuff that comes out of some folks in the Republican party and sometimes even more. So I think that, you know, the fact is, that you need someone to take some leadership down there and I'm disappointed that the President hasn't done that either. I heard you all talking on the way in about his early parts of his charm offensive. You know the charm offensive should have started in January of 2009 and the fact that all of a sudden now we're in January or we're in June rather of 2013 and we're just talking about a charm offensive and trying to get to know Congress, your fifth year of the presidency. It's a little bit late in the dating game to start to get to know somebody.

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