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Governor Christie: You Are The Future


Location: Unknown

Student: You have made a lot of changes. Are you going to change anything else in New Jersey?

Governor Christie: Am I going to change anything else in New Jersey? I hope so. I hope so. I think that's part of your job as Governor is to try to see the things that you think are problems, or not just problems, but things that are opportunities, right? Sometimes you need to change things to make things better, not because they're wrong but because we're not doing stuff that we should be doing. And so there's lots of things I'd like to change, as we've done some already, as you said in your question and we've got more things to do. I'd like to get more businesses in the state, so that they can hire more people, more people could be at work than are at work right now. I'd like to have that happen. I'd like to see every school, every school, have the opportunity to get better because you guys are the future for us and the better you learn, the smarter you are, the better it is for our state and for your families.

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