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Cassidy Amendment Passes, Scalise Leads Successful Fight Against Flawed FEMA Rate Hikes


Location: Washington, DC

In a vote just moments ago, the U.S. House approved an amendment by Rep. Bill Cassidy to delay the elimination of certain NFIP grandfather provisions. Congressman Steve Scalise fought side-by-side with other members of the Louisiana delegation to pass this amendment and provide much needed relief to Louisiana homeowners.

"I'm proud to fight to stop FEMA from implementing the Biggert-Waters Act in a way that harms Louisiana homeowners." Scalise said. "Passage of the Cassidy amendment is a vital step to providing much-needed relief for Louisiana families, businesses, and homeowners who are facing unworkable and outrageous increases in their flood insurance premiums. FEMA's mishandling of the Biggert-Waters Act implementation has resulted in the spread of misinformation, shockingly inaccurate rate hikes, and has placed the viability of the entire National Flood Insurance Program at risk. By ignoring existing flood structures and imposing skyrocketing rate hikes, FEMA has almost single-handily jeopardized the entire Southeast Louisiana housing market. Louisiana families will not be left holding the bill for FEMA's incompetence, and I'm proud to help pass this amendment tonight that stops that from happening."

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