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Blog: Washington Update: June 16, 2013


Location: Unknown

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my video segment called "Ask Adam." I want you to be able to hear directly from me -- this video e-newsletter provides a way for me to answer your questions directly, and today's question is on comprehensive immigration reform.

Gayle from Los Feliz wrote, "Our current immigration system is broken and there has never been a better time to fix it. Please support immigration reform legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that already here, and keep families together."

I completely agree.

Reforming our current immigration system -- badly broken and in desperate need of change -- must be approached with a sense of urgency, a spirit of compassion, and a commitment to security. Most importantly, any final package must include a fair and expeditious path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants -- we must allow them to emerge from the shadows and become full-fledged members of our community.

I receive calls every day from constituents describing the hardship and toll our broken immigration system has taken on their families. Unsurprisingly, my office has one of the highest volumes of immigration cases in the state, and the stories that are shared with me are just heartbreaking. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that allows all families, including LGBT families, to reunite.


You can always share your thoughts through Facebook or Twitter. Through these quick-read updates, I hope to keep you informed of my work at home and in Washington, D.C. on issues of interest to our communities, as well as provide an opportunity for you to keep me informed of your views and interests. As always, I welcome hearing from you on these and any other issues, and hope that you will stay in touch.


Congressman Adam Schiff

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