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Governor Pence Announces Performance-Based Management Agenda for Fiscal Year 2014

Press Release

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Today, Governor Mike Pence announced his performance management agenda for state agencies for Fiscal Year 2014.

The new performance agenda includes updated key performance indicators, which serve as the strategic, measurable goals that guide agency operations. They are the chief means by which the Governor will hold an agency accountable. Governor Pence also unveiled the first-ever performance-based budgeting system for Cabinet-level agencies.

"State government should fund excellence in every regard, and Hoosier taxpayers should hold their government accountable for the services it provides," said Governor Pence. "The strategies announced today in our performance-based management agenda are critical to achieving this goal and propelling Indiana from reform to results."

Since taking office in January, Governor Pence has led "Good to Great" reviews with Cabinet-level agencies. In those reviews, the Governor and staff evaluated current operations and reviewed key performance indicators in order to improve agency performance and customer service. The Governor then worked with the Office of Management and Budget to revise each Cabinet-level agency's key performance indicators. The Governor approved the new key performance indicators and presented them to the Cabinet-level agencies at the June 14 Cabinet meeting. The key performance indicators for Cabinet-level agencies will be effective July 1, 2013.

In Fiscal Year 2014, Governor Pence also will institute a performance-based budgeting system for Cabinet-level agencies. Through this system, Cabinet-level agency reserves in Fiscal Year 2014 will be tied to progress made on revised key performance indicators. Cabinet-level agencies will maintain reserves at 3 percent with an opportunity to earn reserve relief and save those dollars for one-time "Good to Great" priority investments. At the end of each quarter, each Cabinet-level agency will be held accountable for their performance and asked to attend a Good to Great Quarterly Performance Meeting led by the Office of Management and Budget. A Cabinet-level agency exceeding expectations will be able to earn up to 0.5 percent in reserve relief. One meeting expectations can earn up to 0.25 percent in reserve relief, and one not meeting expectations will earn no reserve relief.

Governor Pence will continue to seek accountability and improved performance among all of state government.

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