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Leader Cantor: We Must Restore Trust in Government


Location: Unknown

"Over the past few weeks there have been stories after stories that have eroded the trust in our government. Americans shouldn't really have to worry whether their government is going to hold their political beliefs against them -- as it seems the IRS is doing -- or whether their government is telling them the truth. So I think it is imperative for all of us here in Washington to work together to restore our trust in government, and that includes the President and members of his Administration.

"The House will along those lines continue to conduct serious investigations into potential wrongdoing throughout all of these revelations in recent weeks. However, we will remain focused on the issue of job growth and the issue that every day faces American families, and that is their economic concerns. The surest way to address folks economic concerns -- and the economy as a whole -- is to make sure that our education system is functioning and accessible.

"We have done our work and recently passed the Smarter Solutions For Students Act. This is a bill that would reduce many interest rates immediately and will prevent them from doubling under the statute. This is very similar to the President's own proposal that had been unveiled last year. But Democrats need to join us and stop playing politics. Let's begin to govern and protect these kids."

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