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Jobs and the Economy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, our top priority in Congress should be to promote job creation and a healthy economy. Too many Americans are struggling. The unemployment rate remains too high, the labor force participation rate continues to drop, and the national debt still is nearly $17 trillion. This is due to the administration's failed economic and overreaching regulatory policies. Wasteful government spending and higher taxes are not the answers the American people are looking for. America needs real solutions for economic recovery.

In order for all Americans to thrive, we need jobs. Over 60 percent of new jobs are generated by small businesses, which have always been the backbone of our economy. Many small business owners are holding off hiring new workers because they're uncertain of higher taxes, more government red tape, more regulations.

We must remove unnecessary regulations. We need to promote real solutions that heal our economy and create new jobs. Americans share the same goal: a healthy economy and positive future. We need to keep the American Dream alive for future generations.

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