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Governor Christie: This Is Not My Credit To Take, It's Yours


Location: Unknown

I want to thank all of you for coming today. I want to congratulate you, that's what I'm really here for more than anything else is to say congratulations. Because while the state lent whatever help we could lend, in the end it was the people of Monmouth Beach and the parents, the leaders of this town, that got this school reopened. So I'm not here to take a bow or take credit, because it's not my credit to take, it's yours. I wanted to come and just make sure that everybody in this state recognizes the progress you're making here and also understands that it came from you, from your effort. From your commitment to your children and to all of the children of this community to want to get them back at school in a place where they're comfortable and familiar and can have the best opportunity to learn as much as they can. I met with one of the student council officers outside and she said that she was at Shore Regional but she said you know it was great there but I'm much happier to be back here. And I think that's such a great honest way that kids express themselves. You know they're appreciative for what they had, that they didn't have to miss school, that they had a place to go and she said everyone was really nice to them there. But she was really happy, you could see the smile on her face, to be back at her school. That's about getting kids lives back to normal. And when kids lives are back to normal as a parent, I know that means our lives get close to normal.

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