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Schakowsky Statement in Support of Walmart Employees


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement in support of Walmart Employees:

"The American Dream is based on the simple idea that anyone willing to work hard and play by the rules can succeed. Today, unfortunately, too many hard-working women and men can't get ahead because the rules are set by corporations concerned solely about making profits, not with providing living wages to their employees.

"That is why I stand with those Walmart workers who have traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas this week to stand up for their rights and for their families' futures. The Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) is not asking for the impossible. They are simply asking a worldwide corporation with nearly $16 billion in profits to pay modest wages -- a minimum salary of $25,000. They want safe workplaces. And they want to be able to speak out for their workplace rights without risking retaliation or being fired.

"For years, I have heard from Walmart workers who are living in poverty, who rely on Medicaid to pay for their children's medical bills, who are required to work overtime or different shifts at a moment's notice, and who face discrimination on the job. They work hard every day and, in return, they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect for their efforts.

"Walmart is known as the world's largest private employer. It could also be known as one of the world's best and fairest employers. I hope that Walmart's management and shareholders will listen to those Walmart workers and their many supporters who came from around the country to demand what all Americans want: fair pay, fair rules and fair treatment."

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