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Rep. Schneider: "Working Families Flexibility Act" Hurts Middle Class

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Citing concerns of inadequate protections for workers, U.S. Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) issued the following statement in opposition to the "Working Families Flexibility Act," a bill related to overtime compensation:

"Middle-class families work too hard, sacrifice too much for us to make it more difficult for them to earn a fair shake. This is simply a bad deal for American workers who rely on hard-earned overtime to make ends meet. They deserve safeguards for a fair day's wage and a fair day's work. This bill includes neither."

The bill rolls back workplace protections by allowing employers to postpone paying overtime, essentially amounting to a pay cut for workers who rely on overtime pay. The bill lacks adequate provisions to prohibit unfair treatment or termination if a worker refuses to take comp time, nor does it include adequate provisions to guarantee that workers would be permitted to receive time off when they need it.

It is opposed by more than 160 organizations, including National Organization of Women, National Partnership for Women and Families, National Council of Jewish Women, NAACP and the Chicago Chapter Coalition of Labor Union Women.

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